Lights, camera, lashes™precision longwear liquid eyeliner was not longwear after all.. Slip right off my eyes. Blame it on the product or blame it on my extremely greasy single eyelids?

Coming of age is only for the lucky ones. The rest if us is just stuck in a cubicle and handed money every month and labelled adults. We have all be blinded and bounded to what society perceive as being “grown up”. We think that we think but really are our thoughts ours or of those who had manipulated us since the beginning..

Trip to Melbourne was fine, necessary even cause life gets too monotonous.

Maybe it’s my fault. maybe if I try to love this system I will find joy in it..maybe I dont really want to.. but this resistance is killing me. Everyday bit by bit ripping me apart.

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English Vinglish (2012)

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Isn’t it about time to be amazing?

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Cute Lee Yoon Sung

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Lady Mary Josephine Crawley doesn’t have time for your bullshit excuses.

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